How is morale at work right now? How connected do people feel with each other, their teams, the organisation? What challenges are they facing within work and beyond? Are those challenges getting addressed? Are people talking to each other in a meaningful and supportive way about these challenges? And is there anyone listening? Just talking about the challenges you’re facing isn’t enough. You need someone to listen. Both are important.

During these long months of working from home, spending so much time online, blending work life with home life and home schooling, the need for boundaries is more important than ever.  Not just creating and maintaining boundaries with other people.  But also, and perhaps more importantly, honouring the boundaries with yourself that are for your well-being, resilience and resourcefulness.

People are finding these boundaries increasingly challenging.  Perhaps you are an HR manager or team leader who is noticing your colleagues working longer hours, feeling more fatigued and showing signs of diminished resilience.  Or maybe you are recognising these signs within yourself?  The question is, “What can you do about it?”

What gifts can you offer the world and how will you share those gifts? How would you like to share your contribution? What legacy would you love to leave to subsequent generations?
The Hero’s Journey is a quest born from endless questioning “There must be more to life than this?” By stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing your dragons, you discover the gifts of your greatness and wholeness. Once more connected to this inner source, you step into your power and authority, empowering you to give your gifts fully and leave a meaningful legacy and contribution to the world.

Have you ever wondered what life coaching is? Or perhaps what it isn’t? The word “coaching” is used so broadly it can be a little confusing what people mean when they say “I am a coach” or “I offer coaching”. One of the first questions prospective clients ask me is “What is coaching and what can it do for me?”