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David Brown, Life Coach

I’m Life Coach, David Brown, and I support individuals and organisations to grow.

I will work with you and/or your team to move through the challenges being faced and find the tools to help overcome them.

Find out how I can support you today.


I will work with people in your organisation to help them become the best version of themselves that they can be – for them and for your business.

If your employees are juggling stress and anxiety, low confidence, and self-limiting beliefs, that will impact their work.

Through group workshops, and one to one coaching I will support the people of your organisation to develop, expand and realise their full potential.

The results for your organisation – engaged people, better communication, higher productivity, more creativity and innovation, less absences, and better relationships within your business.


“In the Autumn of 2017 David devised and delivered a workshop for me on Moving Meditation. The concept was quite new to most of the delegates however, David’s clear explanation of the exercises and the opportunity to observe him first helped reassure those on the workshop of the benefit of learning different ways to relax, control self and restore energy. David is a very competent and inspirational practitioner and I am delighted to have the opportunity to work with him.”

Louise Beauchamp, Director, Equaliise Limited


How are you?

Stressed? Anxious? Lacking in confidence? Struggling with work/life balance? Issues with family or relationships? Not developing in your career as you would like? Feeling stuck with certain emotions?

I hear you. I can help you. Let’s move forward together.

Through one to one coaching, I will help you develop, expand and realise your full potential. In our work we will identify your self-limiting patterns of behaviour and together we will work to change them – freeing you up to be the best version of yourself.


“After meeting David at an event for Drive business members, I really enjoyed chatting to him, and then got to understand his coaching value. After reading lots of books and attending events on personal development, I needed deeper support 1:1. We met and started a series of nine coaching sessions. I received so many benefits. David was clear about the approach; he was flexible to my needs and is simply a very effective coach!”

Martin Sibley, Influencer, Co-founder and CEO Disability Horizons / Purple Goat Agency

About David

I started Potentiality Coaching in 2013, being driven to enable people to move on from being emotionally stuck and reach their full potential. Living in that state creates much pain. People will end up doing things in their life to themselves and others and not understand why they did such a thing. It’s a frustrating and disempowering place to be. I help people move through this and become more present, compassionate and loving.