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Workshop case study- developing practical strategies to manage the pressures of everyday life

I was approached by The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health to do a workshop at their London offices.  The workshop was designed after detailed discussion with the Head of HR & Organisational Development, Louise Frayne, who was looking for content relating to stress- management, well- being and confidence.  We had “met” on an […]

Being stuck does not mean you have to remain stuck

What do you do when you feel stuck? You name it!!! Petra came to me feeling in limbo. She felt no motivation to do anything. No inspiration came to her to move forward. She felt isolated, stuck, mistrustful and withdrawn from the world. She was also unsociable. When we agreed to work together, Petra’s energy […]

Celebrating Failure

Do you view brushes with failure as negative? When you fail, do you respond with self- ridicule and judgement? If you get things wrong does your inner saboteur use it as ammunition to keep you limited, safe and inside your comfort zone? The Weight of Failure Failure is an inevitable part of life. Making mistakes […]

A Magic Carpet Ride- case study

Stuck in Overwhelm A few months ago, Philipa (not her real name) approached me to see if coaching could help her overcome her feeling of overwhelm by the demands of her work and life. She said that she had an internal dialogue going on that caused her to sabotage whatever she tried to do.  She […]

Holding Vision

One of the most important things to me in all the work I do, be it life coaching, Mindful Movement workshops, writing, teaching and facilitating, is holding a vision for what is really possible. Limiting Beliefs Human beings are generally so much more capable, resourceful and creative than they realise for their own potential. In […]

Stress is a Choice

What do you say to members of The Royal College of Surgeons about stress? Yikes! These people are masters of stress aren’t they? They experience stress on a daily basis that would make most of us buckle at the knees. These were the thoughts going through my head when I was invited to give a […]

Self Growth- the Oak tree and the acorn

Does the prospect of self growth daunt you? Are you aware that you need to learn and grow. Are you put off by the struggle, dedication and sacrifice you anticipate is involved? Does the thought of the pain and sweat make you not want to start or perhaps throw in the towel once things get […]