Choose these steps towards abundance

Choose these steps towards abundance

Do you find your self thinking that there is never enough?  Wonder if you only had more, you’d be able to go on that holiday or get that job done?

Do you need more friends, money, time, hobbies………..? This is the lack mind- set. Energetically, the power lies in the future. There is no opportunity to get traction in the present in this mind- set and so no energy to make things happen. I have been in this way of thinking in my life and it feels so challenging, as if there is nothing that can be done. It can even get desperate. The energy for life is slowing down and it runs the risk of stagnation. It may already have stagnated.

How do you turn it around? There is so much abundance in the world. If you cannot see it, your perspective is closing your mind to the possibilities. Let’s explore this perspective and start small and work up.

Steps toward abundance

When I get into the mind- set of lack I start the shift by thinking about the abundant air. Every breath I’ve taken since birth has never lacked sufficient oxygen to sustain me. Then I think of people- the friends, family, work and business colleagues and contacts I do have, as well as the countless strangers that could become friends by simply reaching out. I move on to information after that- there are so many resources both on- and off- line to tap into, much of it free, offering courses, groups, support and knowledge to give you what you need for the next step in your life. Opportunity is next on my list- life is full of so much possibility.

The lack mind- set entices you to shrink away from opportunity. The abundant perspective has you trying new things, taking chances and capitalising on opportunities as they present themselves. Go search for them and take the ones that serve you best.

Abundance is seeing what is available and possible and having seen that potential, taking action to take advantage. This is how I see abundance with money. There is so much money in the world and the  opportunity to earn money the way you want to. It takes effort on your part and the first effort is consistently having that abundance mind- set.

Be realistic

When working on this, make sure your statements of abundance are accurate. Do not make unreal and idle statements. Being grateful for what you have often makes you realise how abundant your life truly is and that is a great way to start. Get traction from where you are, see the abundance and positive in your life right now and use this exercise in abundance mind- set to get the energy of your mind flowing towards letting abundance in and transform your life into something fertile, beautiful and abundantly magic.

Over to you

Come on over to the comments box and offer your experience of abundance and how you have moved out of the lack mind- set.  We cannot tap into our full potential of we think small, so how do you think positive so that you flip it around?  I’d love to hear from you.

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