How a Medical Issue led to Greater Self Worth and Being Called Forth

I wanted to share with you my learning from a recent medical issue. Just to say, all is well. In fact, I have not felt better, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You will see why as I share. And the reason to share? Well, it crystallises my own learning and it may offer some insight for your own journey of personal growth and self-mastery. At the very least, it might be a good read.

Enough Already

I have spent the last 50 years building up “David Brown” to be good enough, loveable enough, worthy enough, smart enough, polite enough, obedient enough…… you get the idea.
In the moment that my medical issue occurred, “David Brown” disappeared. I lost 15-20 minutes that I will never remember. All there was to the strangers that helped me, was this human being in distress. They did not need to know my name, what I’d accomplished, how much money was in the bank, whether I was good or kind. And in that moment, I was worthy enough to be cared for and nurtured. Whatever “I” am, beyond “David Brown”, is enough to be loved, respected and protected. Perhaps that “I” is the soul, spirit, inner being? I do not know. The experience has been a humbling and liberating one.

You are a collage of inner critic and inner leader. You get to choose who sits in the driver’s seat.

You are a Collage

And it has led me to question, “Who is David Brown? Do I need to keep building him up to be bigger, greater, stronger, better? If I allow “David Brown” to fall away, what is left? What does “David Brown” need to keep doing?”
“David Brown” is a collage of inner critic or saboteur and inner greatness or inner leader. The inner critic is the sum of “David’s” fears, doubts and worries. When these drive “David’s” behaviour, there is no expansion, empowerment, growth or fulfilment. Alternatively, when “David’s” behaviour is driven by the inner leader, there is curiosity, playfulness, love, compassion and all positive aspects. When the inner leader runs the show, “David” is aligned to and in harmony with whatever was left in those 15-20 minutes.
“David Brown” can either work with the “I” that is left and allow my growth and becoming. Or “David Brown” can hamper that evolution and development. It is a choice that I can make daily, moment by moment.  From what I have seen of humanity, each person is a similar collage of inner critic and inner leader.  And every one can make a choice about whether the inner critic is in the driver’s seat, or the inner leader.

Beyond “You”

Rather than get philosophical, I would rather share something practical and experiential. Something that I am practising that feels of great benefit. It may be of benefit to you too. I was practising before my medical issue. And I was reaping the benefit of it. Now I experience it in a new way. It allows me to drop the inner critic away, let the inner leader step in and align to the “I” that lies beyond “David Brown”.
“David Brown” is so full of fears, doubts and worries that my body holds lots of tension. Not just in the big muscles of the legs, arms, shoulders, pelvis, back, abdomen and chest. Also in the smaller muscles of the spine, ribs, face, pelvic floor, gut, around the heart, lungs. And in the fascia and organs of my body. “David Brown’s” fears pervade my body and being.
This is the process I do regularly. I take time to practice releasing that tension. Letting go the tension in my body so that the inner leader version of “David Brown” can run the show and be aligned to the “I” that is left.
It is transformative. I feel energised. I’d love to hear about your experience of this practice:

Called forth

I stress, this is a practice. “David Brown” is still there. Getting in the way more often than not. But when the balance is right, the gifts “David Brown” has to share complement what lies beyond. They make a loving and formidable team.
I would never have wished to have this issue. But it is done. And I committed to learn from it and have it allow me to grow. Now it is a gift from life that points the way to the man I can be. It has called me forth. Given me a chance to grow and develop in all kinds of unpredicted ways.  In ways that I might not have explored otherwise.  As I share, and you read, my wish is that it calls you forth too. And that you allow yourself to be called forth when life offers you new opportunities.

Over to You

How has life called you forth?  What events and opportunities, predicted or unpredicted, have helped you grow into the person you are today?  And what have you resisted?  What got in the way?  How would you do things differently?

Pass it on

Was there anything in this sharing that inspired or interested you?  If there was, do you know a friend, family member or colleague who would enjoy it too?  If so, I invite you to forward it to them.  Take a moment to show them that you thought of them and call them forth. Thank you.

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