Are you Standing tall in your Sovereign Leadership?

What if with a simple shift of your body, you could have 100% confidence in your leadership ability and decision making?

When I see great leadership, I see people who are:

Leadership is an inherent quality in all living things. In the language of archetypes, that inherent quality is Sovereign. All living things have the inherent ability to stand in their sovereignty.

  • Decisive
  • Visionary
  • Compassionate
  • Fierce
  • Impactful
  • Passionate
  • Focused
  • Disciplined
  • Effective
  • Community-minded
  • Nurturing
  • Relationship-builders
  • Empathic
  • Innovative
  • Creative

These are not skills that you have to learn individually.  No, these skills are the qualities of leadership.  By placing yourself in a leadership mindset, these qualities will naturally, inevitably and organically come to the fore. By being a leader, you will do what leaders do.

Though you might find you want to cultivate specific aspects of this skill set.  You may be visionary but find it challenging to summon the fierceness to execute your vision.  Or you may have decisiveness in abundance, but find you want to cultivate your relationship building to create a cohesive team to act on your decisiveness.  Leadership is a process of becoming and evolving, that deepens and broadens with practice and experience.

So, how do you become a leader?

Leadership is an inherent quality in all living things.  In the language of archetypes, that inherent quality is Sovereign.  All living things have the inherent ability to stand in their sovereignty.  That sovereignty is what gives balance in nature- no animal takes more than it needs, nor gives more than it can offer.

You can access your sovereignty by the way you stand and hold yourself.  By bringing attention to the alignment, sensations and feelings in the body, you can embrace your Sovereign leadership.  Whatever leadership style you are using or prefer, embodying Sovereign leadership will support you in leading with greater confidence and insight.

Think of a time when you have been supremely confident.  Take a moment now, to close your eyes, and allow yourself to picture the scene and feel the sensations you experienced at the time.  As you relive this moment (it may have lasted seconds and could have been hours), notice how your posture is changing.  Pay attention to how your shoulders may have dropped down and back, opening the chest.  Or maybe your belly has relaxed, allowing you to breath deeper and slower.  Perhaps your spine has lengthened, giving you a feeling of both grounded and taller at the same time.  Maybe your heart feels open, or your face relaxes into a smile.  It could be any combination of these and more besides.

The point is, that by thinking of a time in your life when you were confident, your body took on the shape of confidence.  This is the shape of self-leadership.  And when you can lead yourself, you are able to effectively lead others too.

Why is it that you are not always confident and in that state of self-leadership?

Well, you have learned habits that take you out of self-leadership and into people-pleasing, passing the buck, micro-managing, procrastinating, armouring, rigidity, indecision, tunnel-vision and so on.  These are the pitfalls of leadership.  These habits get ingrained and have a shape and alignment of their own.  This shape is not compatible with self-leadership.

For example, I am a people-pleaser.  When I take on that shape, I lean forward, drawing me off balance.  My shoulders slump and my face becomes tight.  Rapid breathing or holding my breath are signs that I’m in people-pleasing mode.  Can you see how none of these body shapes is compatible with the more upright, relaxed and grounded shapes of self-leadership.  Embody pitfalls of leadership and effective self-leadership will elude you.

Reclaim the embodiment of self-leadership, and those habits that undermine your leadership will evaporate to be replaced with clarity, decisiveness, ownership and empowered responsibility.

It’s such a simple model.  By embodying the Sovereign archetype, you create the environment for internal balance.  Sovereign in its power can call upon the other archetypes for support and assistance.  Warrior can bring discipline and courage when needed without it becoming controlling or unkind.  Lover can bring connection and empathy without it turning into victimhood or self-abuse.  Magician can bring vision and creativity and still maintain clarity and focus.  What other archetypes might you call upon?  What qualities can they offer you in your sovereignty?

Over to You

Where are you a leader in your life?  What are your leadership pitfalls?  How could embodying your Sovereign Leadership benefit your leadership roles?

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